Autodesk® Inventor®

Free tool

Do you want to place a fits list on your 2D-drawing creation with just one "click" in Autodesk® Inventor®?

With just one simple “click” in NuPFits you can now automatically generate a fits table with all tolerances. The generated fits table can then be placed anywhere on the drawing. Based on changes in the model or drawing, all tolerances (i. e. measures, fits) are automatically determined and captured in a table. You get a quick access to the function refering to the top ribbon of Autodesk® Inventor® under “Annotate”, tab "N+P Informationssysteme" and the command “Fitlist”. Selecting this function prompts the automatic generation of a first table in the upper left corner as a suggestion. You can quickly customize the layout of the table individually, as well as add further internal information (e. g. various measures, deviations) as necessary.