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Paid tool

Do you copy models together with your drawings very often? Then NuPScaleView will be a great aid for you.

NuPScaleView has been developed to "reduce" drawings of models back down to the size of the sheet, when their dimensions can be changed in a wide frame. The special feature: dimensions are put back to where you expect them.

An example: You have a certain sheet metal part that you copy often and whose dimensions are changed often too. The sheet metal part can be changed between a dimension of 100 mm x 100 mm and 1500 mm x 1000 mm. The problem of the part drawing is now, once you have scaled the model, the model is significantly larger than your sheet size. With NuPScaleView, you can create rules for each view of your "standard product".  Based on this rule, the model is scaled so that it appears in the same size, but in an adapted scale.

Change model, open drawing, run NuPScaleView, done!