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How often do you print 2D-drawing extractions in Autodesk® Inventor® with standardized printer settings?

NuPSimplePlot allows you to define and save up to eight printer settings in Autodesk® Inventor®. Quickly choosing between different printer settings, for printing documentations or presentations, makes saving time easy. Select paper size, scale and color options for your document from the upper ribbon in Autodesk® Inventor®. The app needs just one simple installation and can then be used throughout all design stages (drawing, assembly group, assembly) by accessing the print-settings and prompting the printing process.

Customer reviews:

"Great Timesaver! Works great, printing a drawing in 1 second. without printer properties and setting, just 1 click!"

"Simple, Productive, Great Timesaver! This tool is a great timesaver, when you need to produce a lot of PDF's of different formats within the ISO standards (from A4 to A0), as Inventor doesn't "remember" plot settings for 2D drawings. I definitely recomend it, and thank the developers for this tool."